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Can you Sleep-train Babies from Birth?

When is a good time to start Baby-Sleep training? 

Every Newborn baby is born is born with an inbuilt natural Body-clock system, which guides your baby's body when to feed, play and sleep from birth.

This means that if born on time, mature and without any health compromising factors, the quickest and easiest way of relieving/ resolving your baby’s sleepless nights, plus other common non-medical infant feeding discomfort - is by learning how to effectively READ (interpret) your baby’s natural body-clock cycles, newborn behavioural response and body language.

For new parents there is also a transitional phase, getting to know their little one and their likes and dislikes but too often these exciting times are fogged by exhaustion caused by sleep deprivation. 

Jacqui Nancey, a registered Midwife and a former Maternity Nurse and Nanny has over 20 odd years experience working all over the world.  She experienced firsthand working with hundreds of families how sleep deprivation can affect parents as well as the difficulty newborns have in making the move from the womb and so she developed the sleep trainer. 

Jacqui Nancey’s knowledge has spread across the water too and at the birth of Prince George, she was interviewed by Network Ten Australia  in the build up to the Royal Birth, where she was able to discuss the fantastic care the Royal couple would receive both pre and post birth.  Ben Lewis, Europe Correspondent was particularly interested in the Duchess of Cambridge's pain relief during labour, to which Jacqui's response was, “extensive research has proven that mothers and their unborn babies benefit tremendously from a relaxing labouring experience during childbirth.”

She was interviewed by the BBC, who dubbed her the UK's 'Newborn Parenting Coach' - on the day the Prime Minister and his wife had their Daughter Florence


Over the last twenty plus years, Jacqui has discovered that contrary to popular  opinion - often based on conflicting newborn parenting advice - there are actually four essential keys in Newborn parenting that will determine whether your baby develops good day and night regular sleeping habits or not  . . . 

1. Plan your Day

Have you ever considered adapting your Baby’s daily Babycare routine in tune to a Newborn baby’s natural day and night feeding and sleeping body clock cycles?

Please note that following your baby’s inborn body clock functions does not mean Feeding-your baby on-demand; nor should it be mistaken for Baby-led feeding styles.

The natural Newborn Body-clock parenting style we reccommend in our Baby-sleep training seminars effectively differs from the above two parenting and feeding styles because it is essentially more user-friendly; practical and predictable for the parent to follow on a regular basis – unlike the gross unpredictability of the above two baby-care routines.

Please note carefully that the Parental choices you make regarding your preferred Newborn parenting style and especially Baby feeding choices from birth  - will have a tremendous impact on your baby’s daily feeding habits; sleeping duration and even your baby’s general mood whether happy, grumpy,  unsettled or peaceful despite their individual temperament.

2. Gas-relieving feeding plan

Did you know that it is not the amount of milk that satisfies your baby - the quality of your baby’s daytime feeds whether breast fed or on formula - which will determine how well or not your baby sleeps? Plus the duration as well of your baby's daily sleeping habits?

3. Colic-busting baby winding massage

Jacqui's gas-relieving baby feeding massage helps you achieve these essential baby feeding goals daily, because if your baby’s tummy is full of gas or disturbed by the discomfort of baby colic – not even a good fed will settle them into a soothing sleep. Hence why a good feed and Jacqui’s colic busting burbling massage go together in keeping your baby happy and sleeping soundly in between feeds .   

4. Body-comfort Baby Sleep positioning 

Poor parental choices on baby sleep-positioning can make it longer for your baby to learn how to settle themselves into a good day and night sleeping pattern. Even when your baby is tired and ready for a good day time nap, bed-time sleep or post-feed sleep in the middle of the night  


5. Body-comfort Baby Bathing Tip:



Does your Baby-mattress relieve your baby's colic or infant reflux


No need for a Moses basket as it comes with a portable light weight - designer baby carry cot. Perfect for family holidays, week end aways or local playgroups.

The way you position your baby’s delicate and newborn fragile body to sleep at night, or throughout their day time naps – will definitely contribute to how deeply and peacefully your baby sleeps. So much so that not even any loud background noise will stir them from a good deep sleep the second they feel ready to sleep

Over the last thirty years, Jacqui Nancey has been researching Newborn Baby-sleep positioning, neonatal breathing probloms plus Infant Reflux.

She has used this essential feedback to finally develop an egornomic Award winning Anti-colic/Reflux relief baby Sleep-Trainer mattress alternative - designed to encourage your baby to sleep for longer and better from birth. 

  • For a newborn baby, the transition from womb to the outside world can be quite a stressful experience and can take time to adjust. 
  • The Anti-colic sleep trainer has been developed from extensive neonatal research and is shaped to replicate how the baby was positioned in the womb, offering baby comfort and security as they learn about their new surroundings. 
  • The Anti-colic sleep trainer allows your baby to sleep in the optimum sleep position to encourage longer sleeping periods.  It benefits from a sweeping curve which slightly raises the baby’s head which can help relieve and prevent acid reflux and colic which affects so many families around the world
  • The shape of the sleep trainer allows the head to sit naturally, opening up the airways - unlike a FLAT mattress which can force baby’s chin towards their chest which can restrict airflow

  • With the introduction of the ‘back to sleep’ campaign by the Lullaby Trust, there has been an increase in flat head syndrome as flat mattresses can reshape baby’s delicate head.

  • Jacqui Nancey fully supports the ‘back to sleep’ campaign as a life saving initiative and as such has shaped her sleep trainer to not only allow the head to sit more naturally in the back lying position, but the Anti-colic sleep trainer also helps prevent flat head syndrome.  



Have you ever thought about developing Good day and night Baby-sleep training habits for your baby by three (0-3)months old? 

Parental or postnatal sleep-deprivation can be caused by many factors

Our Baby-sleep training Corporate seminars; or Mum's group classes within their local communities - focus on when PSD is caused by the accumulation of many broken night sleeps and limited sleeping intervals – every time you wake up to attend to your baby’s day or night frequent feeding and baby settling needs. 

Whilst it is inevitable that most newborn babies will wake up frequently or need to be woken up to be fed, comforted or changed throughout the day or night as part of their normal growing and nurturing needs – the frequency and prolonged duration of these limited sleeping patterns - is what most Mums and Dads find so hard to cope with trying to adjust to the demands of Newborn parenting

Unlike other services currently available, Jacqui focuses on teaching both Mums and Dads - regardless of your parity - the easiest way you can naturally initiate Good day and night Baby-sleep training habits by the time your Newborn baby turns three (0-3) months old from birth?



Why is Parental Sleep-deprivation a major problem for Postnatal Mums and Dads in the UK

The recurring stress of unresolved baby crying, prolonged baby-sleeping problems and chronic parental sleep-deprivation has been known to trigger postnatal maternal distress, marital conflict; postnatal depression and even maternal suicides  (Citations from the BMJ British journal of Medicine, UK rising Postnatal depression stats, NICE guidelines National Institute of Clinical Excellence, RCM Royal college of Midwives, Fathers institute, Royal college of Psychiatrists, American journal of Medicine . . .)

Did you know that the number one contributory trigger to maternal postnatal distress or even depression; plus psycho-social isolation and conflict within the family home as the weeks go by is primarily triggered by sleep-deprivation – especially as the New Mum struggles to cope with her baby’s poor day or night sleeping habits?



How Desparate do New Mums need sleep

In the UK alone, there is a worrying trend of increased maternal postnatal distress directly caused by the unending stress of parental sleep-deprivation – which has been known to trigger the maternal stress of postnatal depression PND.

PND has been known to trigger incidents of marital stress /conflict; poor maternal-baby attachment; slow psycho-social postnatal recovery;  poor cognitive behaviour;  loss of appetite  or the opposite in taking comfort in food; fatigue and overwhelming feelings of sadness, anxiety, hopelessness or maternal parenting guilt.



How does Sleep-deprivation affect Dads

Please note that Paternal depression does affect Fathers as well

Numerous Postnatal Fathers are likewise affected by PSD.

Several postnatal studies have foud out that Fathers struggling with PSD find it increasingly stressful trying to grabble with the reality of adjusting to their Fatherhood role; help out with their baby’s nocturnal sleepless nights; whilst balancing the necessity of holding down a full time day time job as well.

To relieve the stress within the marital home, some Fathers have resotted to taking on as much work as possible so that they do not have to be actively present at home until very late; or on frequent business trips - which only aggrevates their spouses's postnatal stress and escalates marital conflicts within the family home.

PLEASE NOTE: Jacqui's  Baby-sleep training classes or Privte Home visits have been specifically designed to give you the answer you both need to resolve the root-causes to your baby's sleepless nights



Our Mission

It is our primary goal to start a SLEEP4MUMS social compaign that recognises the absolute necessity for every sleep-deprived Mum and Dad to get our practical Parental Sleep-deprivation classes and immediate support within their:

  1. Local communities and Baby-retail shops and boutiques
  2. Corporate Work place as part of their maternity packages and Parental support seminars 
  3. Local Mother and Baby Toddler groups
  4. GP surgeries as our classes save the NHS a foutune in postnatal readmissions or slow postnatal recovery following child birth
  5. including the media such as TV, Baby and parenting magazines; News coverage; Mum and Dads social media or any other location you would like to see our class benefits featured

The Newborn Parenting is a midwifery led Newborn parenting postnatal service that has both the credential and extensive expertise to transform the quality of support currently give to postnatal parents on how best to relieve the stress of Baby-sleep deprivation on the entire family’s dynamics and wellbeing.. 


How do you resolve Postnatal Sleep-deprivation PSD

With over 20 years experience and previously working as a night nanny and maternity nurse, Jacqui understands babies and is able to ease unsettled babies instantly. 

Having worked with many families across the world, Jacqui helps parents ease into their new role by offering expert advice and demonstrating her knowledge and know-how to make those first weeks and months as enjoyable and relaxing for both baby and parents.

These classes are a fantastic and eveidence-based way to prepare parents for the arrival of their newborn arming them with invaluable stress-busting tips to help them through those tiring first few weeks as new parent.



What makes Jacqui Nancey a Parental Sleep-Deprivation Expert

Jacqui Nancey is a BBC featured Newborn Baby Sleep Specialist and Midwife with over thirty (30) year's experience in resolving Parental sleep-deprivation and Baby-feeding and Sleeping problems from birth to a year. 

Jacqui is extremely passionate in her mission to help make life following the birth of a baby as easy as possible.  “Having a newborn baby can be extremely demanding and particularly tiring on both the mother and father and it is my greatest desire and life’s ambition to change post natal care within the UK to ensure the arrival of a new baby into the family dynamics is as stress free and enjoyable as possible.”


How does Jacqui relieve your Parental Sleep-deprivation

Jacqui teaches New Mums and Dads how to maximise their baby's sleeping habits from birth before the problems of sleepless nights take root.

We help you identify, understand plus relieve the root-causes to your baby's sleep or feeding difficulties so that you too will be enjoying the following significant postnatal outcomes of

  • A definate light at the end of your parental-sleep deprivation tunnel
  • A much happier maternal and paternal mood
  • Confidence in your parental skills and maternal bonding
  • Better baby-sleeping habits and a happier newborn babycare experience for the entire family 

Jacqui is incredibly passionate about Resolving Parental sleep-deprivation by eliminating the major problem of Conflicting newborn-parenting advice and tips dished out by Healthcare professionals to Postnatal Mums and Dads - despite this information not resolving the specific root-causes of postnatal sleep deprivation within the forst three month after child-birth!

Exmaple : How ofen have you had a New Mum advised to  Feed-on-demand her baby? Yet by the the time that baby is only six weeks old, you are left with a highly stressed-out postnatal Mum due to the gross unpredictabillity of these two problematic Newborn feeding styles long term!!!



Client feedback

Jacqui's sessions with me covered essential basic parenting skills which I believe should be offered to all parents whether first time or not.

For five weeks after giving birth – my baby was extremely restless and crying all the time. I was told by the Doctors and Health Visitors that she had acid reflux. I was very stressed out and did not know what to do. However, from the day Jacqui came to see us, the help and advice received has been invaluable in helping to get our baby into an easy day & night time routine. Helping my baby go to sleep at 7.00pm every evening provides a break from looking after her and allows me to spend some time with my husband before we too go to bed. This means that I look forward that much more to spending time with my baby the following day. My baby also has regular naps throughout the day and rarely cries now.

Some of the basic skills that Jacqui has helped me include 1. Breast feeding techniques. 2. Teaching my baby to go to sleep by herself rather than always having to be rocked to fall asleep in my arms before placing her in her crib.3. Baby bedtime self-settling using Jacqui's ingenious Sleep-trainer 4. Swaddling her to help her sleep which I have to say this was a revelation. I simply did not think our baby would like to be swaddled but I was wrong. Swaddling her has been fantastic in helping her to sleep.5. Bath time. Jacqui has showed me how to bathe my baby correctly including how to deal with cradle cap and some baby massage techniques.. Dietary advice for the mother to enhance breastfeeding.7. Jacqui has also been fantastic in providing ongoing support and reassurance. This has been invaluable to me as a first time mother and has really improved my confidence. I am sure this has helped us settle our daughter. She now sleeps from 7.00pm to 10.30pm and then again from 11.00pm (after her last feed) to 6.30am. Jaqui was instrumental in helping us achieve this.



What is the goal of our Baby-sleep training classses

Our aim is to resolve the root-causes to parental sleep deprivation by enabling you to initiate good and baby-friendly Sleep-training sleeping habits for your baby as soon as your baby is ready.

Particularly when your baby is old enough and already showing signs of being able to go through the night without waking up for a single breast feed; or night-time bottle-feed to settle them back to bed. 

 “Jackie first met our son when he was 10 weeks old and he had a number of health issues but neither midwives or doctors could diagnose what was wrong”, explains Heather, first time mum, “when Jackie first met our son she asked us a few questions, picked him up and said he was hungry!  She was right, since that day he has become a healthy and happy little boy.”  



Book Now any of our Corporate Parental Sleep-deprivation seminars or Private Baby-Sleep training  Classes in the UK / Abroad

  • Feel free to book as many classes as you need from the following cost-effective options
  • Plus spread the News about about Problem-solving Baby sleep-training clases to every one you may know expecting or struggling with parental skeep-deprivation from Birth (0- 12) months or Baby-weaning.
  • Plus your GP, Health visitor, Midwife, Nursery school, Play-group, Community group, Twins club, Diplomatic Embassy, Maternity ward, Church group, Face-book and any other social and media network 

Corporate / Group Bookings only - £50 per delegate
Contact Miria : 0798 361 1642
NB: Newborn Babies come FREE (0-3) months



Chelsea-based classes open to ALL UK Residents only - £20 / Adult

We Teach Mums & Dads how to maximize a baby's good sleeping habits by the time Newborns turn Three (3) months of age - when born healthy, ready and without any compromising health factors

This is a Weekly Parental Sleep-deprivation classes and Baby-sleep training support service open to Postnatal Mum and Dads - regardless of your parental experience from first-timers to multi-experienced parentage

NB: You are ALL welcome to drop in any week you want our Two(2) hr classes with Free Tea and snacks

Contact Miria : 0798 361 1642
NB: Newborn Babies come FREE (0-3) months



3. NO MORE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS - Baby Angel service

Please note that ALL our privtate Home- Consultations come with the offer of our Baby-sleep training service

Save yourself a fortune by sampling our Baby-Angel service offerings first before you Book a Maternity Nurse or Newborn Nanny 

  • This is our Exclusively run course for Trainee Baby-sleep specialists who graduate as some of the Most sought-after Maternity Nurses and Night Nannies on most of London's Reputable Nanny agencies.
  • We offer them family-baseed placement as part of their Exclusive midwifery led training programme, hence why they end up as Problem-solving Maternity Nurses from our Advanced Maternity Nursing Course.
  • Why pay a fourtune when you can get much better value for your money plus our Expert service by booking one of our Trainee Baby Angels from only £40.00 /night (Exc SUNDAYS). 

NB: Each Student is carefully vetoed plus their daily performance is closely monitored by our Team of Baby experts throughout their placement in your home.

This ensures yours, your Baby's plus their safety within your home based on the daily feedback we gaet from you and our Baby Angels. Plus the majority of our Trainees are actually fomrer Nannies or Carer workers who embarkl on a career change as Maternity Nurses.


Home-visits in the privacy of your home include our daily four weeks Follow-up service as well 

Baby Angel Trainee Night Nanny service

NB: Please note that our Private Home-vists include four weeks follow-up by phone, text or email: £250

Direct / Media Contact : 07956 989 688