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What is the Best way to Sleep-train your Baby ?
MIRACLE Baby Sleep-Trainer mattress

MIRACLE Baby Sleep-Trainer mattress Brief: The MIRACLE Baby Sleeper is an Award winning NON-FLAT Baby mattress designed by Midwife and Baby-Sleep Expert Jacqui Nancey RM. It has been specially designed for babies from from birth (0-6) to six months of age or longer for longer - as long as your baby is not old enough to roll on their own in their sleep. If flat mattresses were designed for a newborn's body structure and essential comfort from the shock of being born - why do newborn babies cry and seem very restless each time you position them on the current design of flat baby mattresses to sleep?

Essential Baby-sleep positioning Benefits: The MIRACLE Baby-Sleeper is absolutely loved by babies because it has been ergonomically designed with a natural shape to cradle your baby’s delicate body, by replicating how your baby was positioned in the womb to aid their smooth transition to the outside world. Developed from over twenty five (25) years of extensive neonatal physiological research plus infant sleep-positional studies, the MIRACLE Sleep Trainer’s UK patented design has a natural head and neck support to provide an optimum breathing position for your baby from birth. 

Parental feedback:

“My six week oldbaby Girl used one of Jacqui’s Sleep-training mattresses, which she absolutely loves. It supports her frame beautifully and we believe it really helps her to sleep peacefully. By using the Miracle sleep trainer there was an immediate impacton relieving my daughter’s reflux as well asextending both her day and bed time sleepingtimes” Baby-RefluxMum.

"The JacquiNancey winding technique & Sleep trainer seemed to help with the boys digestion &ultimately their ability to settle and sleep undisturbed.”Twin Mum.

"Preventing flat head was the main reason I bought this Sleep trainer and it works! The unique design was immediately eye-catching and visually reassuring for me as a mother.  My newborn son sleeps peacefully, and I have confidence knowing  that he is comfortable and safe . . .’’MD Doctor Mum.

Medically Approved Reviews:

The  MIRACLE Baby Sleeper has been clinically reviewed by Neonatalsurgeons and approved by Pediatricians to provide the therapeutic benefits of longer baby sleeping patterns, better neonatal breathing positions, better baby sleeping comfort, plus your baby’s ongoing Relief from the discomfort of babycolic, wind and reflux (GERD) both in hospitals and within family home settings...“ The NICU team report that since 2012 when we first got the  Miracle neonatal cot mattresses , the  nursing team on the Ward has reported very positive experiences with the use of these mattresses in  helping to keep the very sick and sometimes unconscious severely asphyxiated babies well positioned for optimal maintenance of an open airway".

Ms Doreen Birabwa – Male  MBChB and M.Med SurgeryClinical Lead Neonatologist and Senior Consultant Paediatric SurgeonDr Doreen is a renowned Consultant Paediatric Surgeon and strategicmember of the Pan African Association of Paediatric Surgeons. She is an Associatemember of the Canadian Association of Paediatric Surgeons and a Fellow of theCollege of Surgeons of East Central and Southern Africa , having studied Paediatrics Surgery at both Makerere University E. Africa andatGreat Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, London UK .

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