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Why wont my Baby Sleep well ? 

It is of the absolute necessity that any sleep-deprived Mum needs to get some immediate and practical baby-care support in her local community. The Newborn Parenting runs the Parental Sleep-deprivation classes. It is a midwifery led Newborn parenting postnatal service that offers New Mums, Dads and their Babies an effective Baby-sleep training support group to relieve the entire family’s acute sleep-deprivation needs.

Otherwise, asking a grossly sleep-deprived postnatal her to write a baby sleep-diary or to continue demand feeding her incessantly hungry baby is not the immediate baby-sleep solution she is desperately looking for.


Mission statement

To end the parent-struggle of postnatal sleep deprivation by enabling you make life with your Newborn Baby Amazing SUPER EASY !!!

Our aim is to resolve the root-causes to parental sleep deprivation by enabling you to initiate good and baby-friendly Sleep-training sleeping habits for your baby as soon as your baby is ready.

Particularly when your baby is old enough and already showing signs of being able to go through the night without waking up for a single breast feed; or night-time bottle-feed to settle them back to bed


Your baby needs you happy and not sltruggling with chronic sleep-deprivation


What are the four Newborn parenting problems that contribute to poor baby sleeping habits ?

Before you can relieve your baby’s poor-sleeping habits, you must identify what the Three commolyn inter-related baby feeding and sleeping problems are in your daily Newborn parenting babycare routine and activities:


Problem One 

Failure to have an effective newborn parenting approach in mind that works to meet your newborn parenting goals

Did you know that the Parental choices you make regarding your preferred Newborn parenting style and especially baby feeding guide  - will have a tremendous impact on your baby’s daily feeding habits; sleeping duration and even your baby’s general mood whether happy, grumpy,  unsettled or peaceful despite their individual temperament?


Problem Two

Failure to understand how your baby’s natural body-clock feeding and sleeping cues affect your baby's general mood and willingness to fall asleep easily

Please note that following your baby’s inborn body clock functions does not mean Feeding-your baby on-demand; nor should it be mistaken for Baby-led feeding styles.

The Newborn Body-clock parenting style advocated in our Baby-Sleep Training classes effectively differs from the above two parenting and feeding styles because it is our Problem-solving Aproach is not only user-friendly in terms of being more practical and predictable for the parent to follow on a regular basis –but also inspired by your baby's normal body clock. Uunlike the gross unpredictability of the above two baby-care routines.

The Newborn Body-clock parenting style is also designed to be stress-free and parent-empowering because it keeps you and your baby happy’, by enabling you to adapt your baby’s feeding and sleeping needs in direct correction to your baby’s natural feeding times; innate sleeping patterns; plus specific day and night baby wakeful periods of no longer than forty to sixty (40-60) minutes in total for most babies born on time; with no compromising health factors and under three months of age.

The Newborn Body-clock parenting style is also backed up by extensive evidence based Newborn behavioural research, parental feedback from families all over the globe; plus effective babycare tips that work straight away and with long term results.


Problem Three

Did you know that if a baby’s day or night feeding appetite is not satisfied, it makes it harder for babies to sleep asleep independently? Including the fact that if a baby is not properly winded it results into an accumulation of painful baby gas, feeding difficulties and sleeping discomfort?

If each of your Baby’s daily feeds is consistently satisfying and soothing to settle their growing hunger and appetite –your baby will find it natural and easier to fall asleep independently without needing to be rocked in your arms. They will also quickly learn to self sooth themselves into a longer sleep and deep the moment you lay them down to sleep; nor dislike going to sleep each time their bodies touch their cribs or baby cot.

However, if your baby’s tummy is full of gas or disturbed by the discomfort of baby colic – not even a good fed will settle them into a soothing sleep. Hence why a good feed and Jacqui’s colic busting burbling massage go together each time you feed your newborn baby.   

B. Poor parental choices on baby sleep-positioning can make it longer for your baby to learn how to settle themselves into a good day and night sleeping pattern.

Even when your baby is tired and ready for a good day time nap, bed-time sleep or post-feed sleep in the middle of the night  The way you position your baby’s delicate and newborn fragile body to sleep at night, or throughout their day time naps – will definitely contribute to how deeply and peacefully your baby sleeps – regardless of how loud any background noise surrounds them when ready for their deep sleep

Check out how to soothe your baby's bedtime stress using our baby bath massage technique -


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