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How does Postnatal Sleep-deprivation trigger PND
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What causes Parental sleep-deprivation?

Many factors can cause Parental Sleep-deprivation even before your baby is born.

However, postntal sleep-deprivation can result from the accumulation of many broken night sleeps and limited sleeping intervals – every time you wake up to attend to your baby’s day or night feeding and baby settling needs. 

Whilst it is inevitable that most newborn babies will wake up frequently or need to be woken up to be fed, comforted or changed throughout the day or night as part of their normal growing and nurturing needs – the frequency of their limited sleeping patterns is what most Mums and Dads find so hard to cope with and stressful when it comes to adjusting to the demands of newborn parenting.  

In the UK alone, there is a worrying trend of increased maternal postnatal distress directly caused by the unending stress of parental sleep-deprivation – which has been known to trigger the maternal stress of postnatal depression PND. Please note that Paternal depression which targets the New fathers as well, has now been known and documented in several postnatal studies to affect some new Dads. Suffering Fathers have found it increasingly stressful trying to grapple with the reality of adjusting to their Fatherhood role; help out with their baby’s nocturnal sleepless nights; whilst balancing the necessity of holding down a full time day time job as well.

PND has been known to trigger incidents of marital stress /conflict; poor maternal-baby attachment; slow psycho-social postnatal recovery;  poor cognitive behaviour;  loss of appetite  or the opposite in taking comfort in food; fatigue and overwhelming feelings of sadness, anxiety, hopelessness or maternal parenting guilt.

  • The UK has a rising birth rate of 780,000 births ayear yet an estimated 70,000 - 100,000 women suffer from PND  in England and Wales
  • 35% suffer PND in silence
  • 58% of postntal mums do not seek professional help
  • 1:4 PND diagnosed mums are stiil depressed after their child's first year
  • 38% depressed mums in pregnancy report having suicidal thoughts
  • 1:1000 new mums develop Postnatal psychosis
  • 1:5 Mums will suffer from chronic sleep-deprivation if their baby has problematic sleeping patterns

Several studies in the BMJ, RCM,American postnatal studies found a direct connection between sleep-deprivation triggering low moods, maternal distress andPND. They also found that many mothers diagnosed with PND are likely to be suffering from chronic sleep-deprivation instead of PND!



How can you and us togeather Relieve this social and neglected postnatal epidemic

  1. We need you to join us in creating awareness that the best way we can support postntal Mums is by giving them, the gift of sleep 
  2. Modifying a baby's sleeping problems is the most effective way of improving a new mother's needs - instead of treating a sleep-deprived with anti-depressants she may not necessarily need
  3. Our team of Exclusively Trained Baby-Sleep Specialist Maternity Nurse students come with ever Private Home Consultation or ylou can register for our Group New Mum and Dad Baby Sleep-Trainiibng sessions today 



How to Book our Parental Sleep-deprivation services  


From Birth (0-12) month Babies
1.  Book now Corporate Parental Sleep-deprivation seminars or Private Baby-Sleep training  Classes in the UK / Abroad




From conceptiom to weaning your baby onto solid food (0-6)month
2.  We Teach Mums & Dads how to maximize a baby's good sleeping habits by the time Newborns turn Three (3) months of age - when born healthy, ready and without any compromising health factors

There is a common Newborn parenting myth that once you become a new Mum or Dad, you are automatically expected to go through the stress and exhausting frustration of endless sleep-less nights, just because everybody else has gone through the same fate with their baby before you???

Why is such a misleading myth so readily accepted the world over despite having no conclusive neonatal behavioural evidence based research to back it up........

At the NEWBORN PARETING  we choose to defer  because over the last thirty (30) odd years, working globally with numerous postntal parents and their Newborn babies within their family home settings –  we have learnt that babies are incredible easy to predict; let alone sleep-train - BUT - as long as you know how to accommodate their daily feeding cues and natural sleeping triggers as your normal daily baby care routine

This is the most redeeming NON-conflicting Babycare you will discover at the NEWBORN PARENTING

We have come to the consistent simple conclusion that once you learn how to meet your newborn's specific - yet unsoken - newborn needs, life with your newborn baby will be a breeze of pure bliss as confirmed by some of our Mums.......

Client feedback

I have known Jacqui Nancey for over three years since the birth of my second child in 2004.  Jacqui came highly recommended by a friend. I began to experience problems with breastfeeding in the early days following birth and Jacqui was a tremendous support and helped me overcome my difficulties with latching on and helpful tips on feeding in general. Her invaluable tips on sleepless nights and how it was possible to have a baby sleeping through the night by 6 weeks were worth their weight in gold as every new mother will appreciate!

My third daughter was born in October 2008 and once again Jacqui was a tremendous support. She helped me with breastfeeding problems, taught me tips such as massaging with oils to prevent engorgement and helped me with a routine that was realistic and workable.  Coping with a newborn as well as two other children under 5 is no easy feat but equiped with Jacqui's top tips on babycare, her unending emotional support I have found it a most rewarding experience as opposed to an uphill struggle and apparently "make motherhood look easy" according to friends. I have recommended Jacqui Nancey to All the Mums I meet at my children's school, family, friends and shall continue to do so in the future.




All our postnatal Career Mums and Dads in the City, Health, Law, Advertising, Business or Education or Diplomatic services report returning back to work early and fully refreshed due to our Problem-solving Baby Sleep-training classes
3. Voted the BEST UK Corporate Maternity leave support on offer by our satisfied Postntatal Dads and Mums.

Why not offer our Parental sleep-deprivation services as  part of your Maternity / Paternity Corporate package?




book your from only £40.00 per night 9/10PM - 7/8AM

Jacqui believes in offering you a Postnatal care service that offers you Excellence from the moment your Newborn baby comes home.

  1. Seeing you as soon as your little one comes home will save you the avoidable stress of conflicting Newborn baby care advice' plus the frustration of sleep-less nights before they start..........
  2. To make sure that you achieve these goals, our Baby-Angel service and Seminars are London's most cost-effective Expert advice todate
  3. Our fees are extremely affordable
  4. Our Exclusiveand confidential service has a reputation of offering our clientele immediate Results - that are also long lasting. Saving you the endless drain of having to pay a fotune for typical maternity nurse who leaves you without resolving your baby's feeding and sleeping difficulties six to twelves weeks from when you fist hired her
  5. Jacqui's Baby-settling tips work within the first hour of her consultation and last throughout your baby's early years
  6. With many High profile families as part of our globally satisfied clientele, Jacqui not only comes highly recommended to help with breast / bottle-feedinmg problems and all aspects of newborns. But the same ethos of moral, social and personal integrity within a focus of Career Excellence and result-oriented performance is embedded in our Trainee Night Nannies Advanced Maternity Nurse course.
  7. We likewise expect the same accordance from our clientele to work as a colloborative team effort in achieving your Baby's sleep-training goals or baby-weaning needs.
  8. As part of their Exclusive training, please note that  ALL Trainee 'Baby-Angels' are offerd placements in your home to horn in their Exclusive training as Experts in Baby feeding and Sleep-training problem solving from Birth (0-12)mon to one year old babies. 

NB: Due to the Expert supervision required whilst on placement in your home, please note that this service only comes with our Private home Bookings



Corporate / NCT / Local Postnatal Group Bookings: £50.00 per delegate

NB: Weekly Three hour sessions (book as many classes as required) 

Newborn Babies come FREE (0-3) months
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Private Home Consultations: £250.00

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NB: Two -Three hour session plus four weeks follow-up